Dock Levelers Service Boise, Idaho

Dock levelers are an integral part of material handling. When transferring large amounts of materials into trucks, dock levelers help make the process much smoother and more efficient. The dock levelers we offer to vary depending on our client’s needs. Some of our options include counterbalance components, insulated decks, longer lips, control panels, and more.

Dock Leveler Components and Types

At Carlson Material Handling, we provide our clients’ products and parts that they depend on. We know that dock levelers can have many different uses and offer a variety. The types of dock levelers and related parts that we offer include the following;

  • Mechanical Levelers
  • Electric Levelers
  • Hydraulic Levelers
  • Truck Restraints
  • Door Seals
  • Door Shelters
  • Portable Dock Equipment
  • Service on all the above!

For more information about our dock leveler service and products