Carlson Material Handling started back in Feb. 2011.  We have over 31 years experience in the material handling industry.

Our staff consists of:

Kelly Carlson: Owner and Head of Sales

Chuck Campbell: Design, Estimating and Project Management

Derreck Carlson: Lead Installer and Head of the Service and Fabrication department

Jeff Higgins: Outside Sales

At CMH we pride ourselves in helping solve a customers problem. Whether it be solving a storage problem to finding a certain product to meet their special needs.

Starting out as a new company, we were able to grow our customer base and business through our knowledgable staff and years of experience. Once given the opportunity to earn the customers business, we have grown from satisfied customers and referrals. We have been able to design and solve certain storage requirements where available space was limited and we were able to show the customers a better system that allowed more storage in an existing space.

We are growing from existing customers and earning new clients from growth of the area. We are adding new products and increasing our stock inventories to be able to supply more customers needs without them having to wait for material to be made and shipped.